Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Equinox

♫ Palmas- Flowers ♫ 


ZARA dress
Madewell sandals
Thrifted straw bag
UO sunnies 
Anneise rope necklace

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Yay can you guys believe it's officially spring! :)
I took a mini road trip this past weekend with my sister and nephew to the California Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley to check out the "super bloom"...thanks to the rain! 

I had to check it out for myself this year since it's been on my bucket list for a while but the drought last year didn't really motivate me to go...anyways I'm so glad we made it. The golden poppies were scattered all over the hills,  and there's still so much blooming left which goes on until late March to early April and I'm tempted to go back there or Lake Elsinore!

From a distance, the hills covered with golden poppies resembled a watercolor masterpiece and the hazy sky just made it so much better! It was super windy with a good 80 degrees in the valley but the warm breeze and the sun peeking through the clouds made it feel like the perfect spring day! It felt so refreshing venturing on the trails of the poppy reserve, although I didn't wear appropriate hiking gear that still didn't stop me from walking a few miles and taking in the amazing view, all while being surrounded by California poppies!

If you guys get a chance go check out the super bloom before the season is over, it's well worth it! :)




Saturday, March 18, 2017

Farmer's Market II

♫ Kurt Vile- Breathin Out ♫ 


Cotton On tee
Uniqlo jeans
Thrifted straw bag
Soludos espadrilles
UO sunnies 

Hey guys!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend :)
This past Wednesday I ended up going to the farmer's market by the Marine Stadium...again! haha I just couldn't get enough so I had to stop by. This time I stayed a bit longer and indulged in so much fruit and a refreshing virgin mint mojito ;)  
I love the good vibes and the live music at this farmer's market which is one of my go-to's whenever I'm in the area. The weather has been so perfect lately, it's been feeling like summer so I went for one of my fave casual looks plus you can never go wrong with comfy jeans, a basic tee,  espadrilles, sunnies, and a straw bag for spring/summer!

Citrus Lovin'




Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Lately

♫ POWERS- Sunshine ♫ 

Hey lovelies!

Here are a couple random pictures taken over these last couple of days. Everything from "Babychella" (yes it's exactly what you think it is... Coachella .... but for, fun, crying, chaos... haha I went with my one-year-old nephew, Lukas, he loved it!). 
Catching up with friends, brunch, matcha runs, outfit shots, and chasing sunsets you know just a little bit in between. Although I've been busy I always try to snap pictures whenever I can, I love looking back at memories and of course sharing them with you all :)

(Wearing: Vintage blouse, Crossroads culottes, Sam Edelman sandals, Cotton On straw hat, Tobi silk scarf,  Zaful bag)

Babychella scene

I love lavender season!

Spring essentials

My nephew having way too much fun at Babychella with the bubble machine! (Don't you just love his overalls and birk-sock combo) haha  :P

One of my fave matcha drinks from Milk Box

Succulent Browsin'

Recent fave drink from 7 Leaves Cafe it's called: Mint Sereno iced coffee.. surprisingly good. It tastes almost like Philz Coffee's version but more subtle and soooo refreshing!

Brunch and catching up with the girls and Lukas :)

Yummy brunch from Bakers and Baristas 

Study Sesh at Cuppa Cuppa 

Hidden gems in Little Tokyo 

Ramen night

Chasing always ;)



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