Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday Morning Hike

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Here are some shots I took this past weekend, when I went hiking in PV's Abalone Cove beach with some friends, I love this place so much for hiking and just relaxing! It's so beautiful, plus it was nice to get away from all the busy, stressful, city life.
Can't wait to go back soon!

Hope you guys are enjoying your week so far, any fun plans for the weekend coming up?


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last day in NY and Joie Fall 2013 Presentation

Starting off with a yummy breakfast at Route 66 Cafe, thanks to David from the Hudson Hotel for recommending this place :)
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 photo DSC05128_zps0f2d839e.jpg
Starbucks run with Honey
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 photo DSC05131_zps2c5f9adf.jpg
In my room overlooking this AMAZING city 
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Cab ride with Honey, on our way to the Joie show :)
 photo DSC05159_zps1d8cec83.jpg

 photo DSC05162_zps1731b3d7.jpg
Arriving at Center 548 (Meat Packing District) for the show..
 photo DSC05163_zps36fa1ae7.jpg
Joie Fall 2013 invitations and presentation....LOVED it!
 photo DSC05166_zps60dfc55e.jpg

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Wearing: BB Dakota Jacket, Free People pants, Botkier bag all thanks to Miss KL 
 photo DSC05196_zpse8405d18.jpg

 photo IMG_58341_zpsbcda88cb-1_zps1dee9322.jpg
Yayyy I got to meet one of my fave designer: Rebecca Minkoff ! 
 photo IMG_58271_zpse9a43df5.jpg

Hey guys!
Here are the last set of pics from my NY trip, just looking back at these pics makes me miss it even more! It was such a fun, unforgettable trip! I met such great people including the Fashiolista and Miss KL team, some of the Morgan's Hotel Group people and of course the awesome, Honorata ! I'm hoping to go back this summer, and hopefully intern out there in the future. Can't get enough of NY! 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. 

Hope you guys have a rad weekend! ;)


Friday, February 22, 2013

Night out in Times Square & Lower East Side

 photo IMG_57771_zpsdcf13d7e.jpg
^Accessories: Botkier bag ,  Miss KL and Heavenly Couture bracelet ^
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 photo DSC05064_zps38cc102f.jpg
^Hanging out with Priscilla! ^
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 photo DSC05093_zpsfae1e947.jpg

 photo IMG_58811_zps0dabe51d.jpg

 photo IMG_58011_zpsc17578c4.jpg
Shopping time! ^
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 photo DSC05212_zps7b5eb60d.jpg

 photo DSC05215_zps6435b525.jpg
Statue of Liberty...Everywhere....
 photo DSC05216_zps76dc2f1f.jpg

 photo DSC05217_zps890955c4.jpg
Ripley's believe it or not museum with Amy:
 photo DSC05225_zps7a28ac42.jpg

 photo DSC05227_zps9c68a156.jpg

 photo DSC05228_zpsa7d12d78.jpg
Pianos Bar in Lower East Side:
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 photo DSC05235_zps14152c81.jpg

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