Sunday, May 29, 2016

Farewell May

♫ Maximum Balloon- Let It Grow ♫

Mr. Waffles loving his morning strolls

Heaven= lonely freeways (literally a miracle!) 

Black on Black essentials, love this Casetify phone case!

Babysitting my nephew, Lukas, he's just the cutest and keeps growing up too fast!

DTLB looking great!

The Loop art installation in downtown Long Beach, love it!

Quiet cozy mornings

The Pike in DTLB

Honeybee's new to-go cafe in LBC

My comfy Supergas

Just found out one of my favorites cafes, Milk & Honey, is also in Huntington Beach, so much closer and bigger!

One of the best iced spiced chai teas!

PCH Cruisin'

HB lookin' mighty fine!

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!

I'm so ready for June!



Thursday, May 26, 2016

By the Sea

♫ Bomba Estereo- Mar ♫ 

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As mentioned in previous posts this hiking trail is one of the best, it's in Palos Verdes and it's obviously one of my favorites because of this breathtaking ocean view...I mean it's not a hardcore hiking trail or anything but I can't get enough of the view and the atmosphere. I love hiking, but if I had to choose to hike between hiking in the mountains or next to the ocean ...the ocean wins!
This hiking sesh was so much, I went with my sister and our friend Carmen, who's in town. We of course did a little photo shoot just like old times, we always have such a fun time together messing around and catching up. 
I can't wait for this long weekend coming up, I'm hoping to go hiking again and hopefully take a mini road trip somewhere, do you guys have any fun plans for Memorial weekend?



Monday, May 23, 2016

Scarfin' It

♫ Little Dragon- Constant Surprises ♫ 

(Wearing: Urban Outfitters scarf, Superga sneakers, DIY necklace, vintage jeans)

After major spring cleaning I found this blue scarf I bought last year at UO, I even forgot I had it..I love finding treasures like these after they've been stuffed away for two seasons...but now that spring and summer are here I'll definitely make sure to wear it more often since lightweight airy scarves are my staples around this time!
I love the tribal watercolor print and the lightweight cotton fabric, plus the indigo blue color is everything!! I own so much blue it's not even funny..I find myself wearing different shades of blue so much especially around this love it! SO fresh and summery! 
What are your favorite spring/summer staples or accessories?



Saturday, May 21, 2016

For The Love of Music

Hey guys!

Summer is right around the corner which means more beach outings, road trips, and music festivals!! If you guys have been following me for a while you know my blog also consists of music posts, especially since I love music festivals and local concerts. I'm all about discovering new music as well as supporting local bands and artists.

Tickpick reached out to me to create a fun 'Fauxchella' dream lineup.  I have to admit it was a bit hard to narrow down my music lineup so I ended up choosing the artists and bands that I've been currently listening to non-stop. Although I've seen most of these bands live already I chose them because they are literally THAT good and worth watching live again!

I'm loving Tickpick's website and the affordable prices for concerts the best part is that there aren't any hidden fees! You can also download their app which makes it way easier to search, sell, buy, or bid concert tickets or other events like NFL or MLB games for such great prices! Gotta love it!

Here are some of my favorite bands and artists from my Fauxchella dream lineup:

1. Beat Connection  (source)

I first discovered Beat Connection's music about three years ago before my Seattle trip. I found them on Spotify through my sister's playlist and fell in love with their experimental/pop/electronic feel-good-music! The best part is that they're also from Seattle and I listened to them non-stop during my trip up there which made it even better. Now every time I think of Seattle I can't help but think about Beat Connection and the good times spent out there! Love, love them I also recently went to go see them live and they put a hell of a show, so much energy and good vibes! Lately I can't stop listening to their songs: "Another Go Round", "So Good", and "Ad Space" !

2. Bombay Bicycle Club (source)

Where do I even begin with Bombay Bicycle Club...well other than their amazing lyrics and music I'm glad I've gotten a chance to see these British lads perform twice and both times they put on amazing shows! Their sound is a mix of indie rock/folk very chill yet fun music! My favorite album is: So Long See You Tomorrow. I swear I can listen to this album over and over again, it just never gets old!  Unfortunately BBC is currently on hiatus because the band members are pursuing solo projects after ten years together! However,  I'm crossing my fingers that in the future they reunite and surprise everyone with an even more amazing album! Some of my favorite songs are: "Shuffle", "Feel", "Luna", and "So Long See You Tomorrow".

3. Little Dragon (source)

I first found out about this Swedish band about four years ago, the first song I heard: "Crystalfilm" immediately caught my "earttention"and after listening to the rest of their songs I was clearly sold. Their genre is a mix of trip hop/down tempo/dream pop if that makes sense haha, I honestly don't really know how to describe their sound but I love it! I love listening to them during hikes, work out sessions, or just when I'm lounging around. Even their live performances are too cool for words, I last saw them perform at FYF Festival and they did not disappoint! Check their songs out especially: "Crystalfilm", "Pretty Girls", "Bullet", and "Constant Surprises".

4. Helado Negro (source)

Every time I think of Helado Negro I reminisce back on my Ecuador trip three years ago and all the amazing memories out there while constantly listening to Helado Negro. Helado Negro is an American-Ecuadorian artist (Roberto Carlos Lange) who is  known for his music craftsmanship and mix of experimental/dreamy sounds. Lange's soothing voice along with his mesmerizing sounds take you to another dreamy-state that sends shivers down your spine! I also love the fact that he sings in both English and Spanish. Some of my favorite on-repeat songs are: "Young, Latin, & Proud", "Arboles", "2 Dia", and "U Heard". 

5. Natalia LaFourcade (source)

The first time I heard Natalia LaFourcade's "Casa" song about ten years ago, I was immediately hooked, everything from her sound, her artsy/creative music videos, her unique style, and lyrics have all made me a loyal fan of her music. Most of her songs are about romance, everyday life,  and the songs are of course in Spanish which makes it all that better! I guess her music a mix of indie/pop. Lately I can't stop listening to songs like: "Hasta la Raiz", "Aventurera", "Amor de Mis Amores", and "Casa". 

6. Devendra Banhart (source)

The first song I heard from Devendra Banhart was "Carmensita" and of course I loved it along with the bollywood-style music video (PS- Natalie Portman is in it since they used to date!). This cute American-Venezuelan has been on my music playlist for quite some years now and I love the fact that he also sings in English and Spanish..thanks to him I found out about Helado Negro ^^ too since he's also a fan! Devendra's sound is a mix of indie/psych folk, I love his chill music, so perfect for beach outings or blasting during road trips! Watching him perform at FYF Festival a couple years ago was one of the best memories! Check out these songs: "Carmensita", "Baby", "Can't Help But Smiling" and "Won't You Come Home".

7. Glass Animals (source)

I recently just found out about Glass Animals and I swear I can't stop listening to their music! Ahhh they're that good. These British dudes really know how to mix up sounds! I guess they're pretty mainstream since I've already heard some of their songs on the radio but thanks to that I'm into them. I'm sure they're amazing live too! I'm not really sure what their genre is but it sounds like a mix of upbeat/psychedelic pop/indie rock/trip hop haha gotta love it though! Don't believe they're that good? Check out their songs: "Hazey", "Toes", and "Life Itself"...let me know if you get hooked!

8. Tei Shi (source)

Valerie Teicher AKA Tei Shi is known for her dreamy indie pop music. I was quickly drawn to songs like "Go Slow" and "See Me", I love her voice and I'm usually listening to Tei Shi when I'm lounging around. I love the ambient/experimental sounds along with her unique style and music videos. Her "See Me" music video is without a doubt one of my favorites though! The filming location in Colombia and the dreamy vibes make me wanderlust and love the song even more! Check out her other songs: "Bassically", "Best On",  and "Nevermind the End". 

9. Crystal Fighters (source)

I've been a fan of Crystal Fighters for about five years now, and let me tell you they know how to put on a fun lively show! As far as I can remember my feet always hurt after their shows since they know how to pump up a crowd and literally make everyone dance haha! Trust me if you want a good workout I recommend going to a Crystal Fighters show lol! 
Crystal Fighters hail from London/Spain and a lot of their music influence and sounds are inspired from the Basque Country community in Spain. However, their most recent songs are now more experimental/pop influenced but they're  still fun to listen and dance along to! Their music will definitely put you in a good mood and lift your spirits! I also got to meet them when they played a show in Long Beach and they were some of the most down-to-earth fun individuals with wicked style!  Check out my fave songs: "Champion Sound", "Plage", "LA Calling", "You & I", and "At Home". 

10. Freedom Fry (source)

This American/French indie duo is the cutest couple you'll ever meet! After meeting them twice at their local shows in LA and Long Beach I realized they were some of the most chillest and coolest musicians ever! Marie Seyrat is French and her husband Bruce Driscoll is American, they both met in LA and eventually got married after working together in the music industry. They're so cute they even told us the story of how they met and got married! Their chill indie songs are perfect for road trips or summer adventures, I also love that they sing in English and French. Some of my favorite songs include: "Bonnie & Clyde", "Earthquake", "Summer In The City", "Je M'en-nuit"and "The Wilder Mile".  Enjoy!

Have you guys heard of any of these bands or artists? Which are your fave?

Feel free to recommend new music too!


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