Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Canada Trip: Old Quebec and Levis

♫ Celine Tolosa- Tu es fantastique ♫ 

Hey lovelies!
Here's the next set of pictures from our stay in Quebec, on our second day we ventured into Old Quebec to see the infamous Freemont Chateau Frotenac, which is an award-winning luxury hotel. It was definitely huge and beautiful! Loved the architecture!
Old town is pretty small but we still got lost a few times and ran into cute cafes and boutiques, miss it already!

Afterwards we strolled around the lovely cobblestone-filled streets of old town and ran into these cute hanging umbrellas, obviously it made for a super cute backdrop and IG pictures! It was such a great experience getting to see old town, it reminded me so much of Europe, especially France. 

(Wearing: Shein floral top, vintage culottes, Marloe tote bag, Soludos espadrilles)

After exploring Old Town we took a ferry out to Levis which is a city on the St. Lawrence River opposite of Quebec City, we only made a quick stop to see the city from the other side and we definitely got some neat shots of old town Quebec from Levis. 
Although we didn't see much in Levis, it still seemed like a cute quaint town filled with friendly locals and great views. 




Saturday, September 15, 2018

Canada Trip: Quebec City, Ile d'Orleans, and Montmorency Falls

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Hey guys!

Finally here are the first pictures from my Canada trip :)

Our first stop was Quebec City, this city was definitely smaller than Montreal but it had so much charm. It reminded me of a mix between New Orleans and bits of Paris.  

Although I already knew Quebec is mainly a French-speaking region I was still surprised when I met some people, even younger ones, who didn't speak English at all. However, everyone was still very friendly and helpful, I loved the atmosphere and the vibes especially Old Quebec, with its cute cobblestone-filled streets... it definitely felt like I was in Europe. I definitely got to practice my French  there too which I have to say went pretty well  ;)

Our cute Airbnb right in the middle of the city :)

Loved this cute bookstore!


Homemade breakfast every morning.

Our AirBnb balcony, loved it!

On our second day we drove out to Ile d'Orleans, which is about a 30-45 min drive from Quebec City. I didn't really know what to expect from this quaint little island but it was so cute and one of the highlights of our trip! It literally takes about an hour to drive around it but it took us around 3 hours since we made so many stops lol. 

There are a bunch of cute mom and pop stores everywhere, we stopped by a local artisan boutique, a chocolaterie, a fromagerie (cheese shop), a farm market, a museum, a winery, and a view point to see the island from the top. I loved how we were surrounded by so much nature and lush greenery plus the locals were super friendly too! 

After Ile d'Orleans we drove over to Montmorency Falls which was about a 15-20 min drive, the waterfalls are a MUST see! They were so beautiful, we took a gondola from the top and saw them from above and the bottom too!

Another highlight of the trip, I loved all the nature!

Lavender tea on the balcony after a long day....miss these moments!

Happy weekend!

Stay tuned for more pictures to come :)



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