Thursday, October 29, 2015

Really Into...

♫ Beat Connection- Ad Space  

 Monday's details: Taupe fringe bag, dainty rings, F21 "wooden" shades, and succulents!

Drawing inspo at Stitch & Feather boutique in Seal Beach, love the decor!

Ear cuffs and layered necklaces

Beautiful boho fitting room curtains

Indigo printed pillows are a total fave of mine^^

My new Daiso inky brush pen, thanks sissy!

Lounging in my cozy room after a long tiring day...pure bliss!

Oh and especially really into Beat Connection's new album: Product 3, they're a Seattle-based band with great tunes. I really love their tracks: "Another Go Round", "Ad Space", and "So Good" from this album....actually digging all their songs, very experimental but perfect to lounge or work out to! 

Check out their new album on Spotify:

It's Friday tomorrow which means I have to try and come up with last minute ideas for Halloween! I know, I'm sooo late but I've been so busy! Can't wait for the weekend though, I'll probably meet up with friends, watch a few scary movies, paint our faces, indulge in sweets, scare trick-or -treaters (haha jk), and maybe check out a Halloween party in downtown Long Beach. We'll see! Do you guys have any fun Halloween plans?



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feeling Cultured

Beautiful day at Grand Park in DTLA

#carselfies #traffic

Cool intricate details on those day of the dead skulls ^^

Real food and fruits displayed on the altars


One of the things I love about LA is all the diversity and culture embedded in this city. This past weekend, there was a "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) event at DTLA's Grand Park, I loved checking out all the beautiful creative altars! People put so much work into decorating these altars in memory of their lost loved ones. Family members cherish and remember their lost loved ones by decorating an altar with pictures, food, music, or random items their loved ones enjoyed in their lifetime. I love how you can get as creative as you'd like decorating these altars! Day of the Dead is mostly celebrated and strongly associated in Mexico, but it also very much celebrated here due to the wide Mexican population in LA. I love learning different cultures and traditions and this one has got to be one of the most interesting around this time of the year. I love the whole creative process from: people dressing up, painting their faces resembling sugar skulls, the music, the food, and the overall culture!
Just a couple minutes away from this event is LA's Chinatown, we ended the night eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant called: Plum Tree Inn...serious delish! You've gotta try it if you're in the area :) After dinner, we walked around and explored some of the cute shops, I always love the plaza at night since it's not so packed and the bright red hanging lanterns make it that much better and picture-worthy ;)!



Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pups and City Views

Beautiful gloomy mornings ^^

Girls Night Out at Guppy's Tea House 

Mr. Waffles and Riley Winter getting along just fine ^^

Signal Hill overlooking Long Beach

Embraces <3 p="">

Overlooking LBC

Fave view ;)

Heart shaped flower petals ^

Mr. Waffles loving the attention :)

Hey guys!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, here are a few snaps from last weekend and this past week, all from random events and outings. My fave recently was to Signal Hill, which is a city at the top of a hill (duh) surrounded by Long Beach. I used to come to hilltop park all the time with friends in the morning or at night to hang out and check out the amazing view...I love how you can almost get a 360 view of some cities like: Long Beach, LA, Palos Verdes, and even the San Bernardino Mountains (during the day)! Of course I prefer the view at night  and even better with great company! ;)



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Travel Looks (USA Version)

♫ Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color 

1. Waterbury, Vermont

Hello October

2. Denver, Colorado

Cozy Wishes

4. Napa Valley, California


5. Joshua Tree, California

Desert Getaway

6. Seattle, Washington

Latte Run

Latte Run by stephc featuring a black belt

7. Traverse City, Michigan

Staying Cozy

8. New York, NY (Central Park)

October Tribute

9. Chicago, Illinois

October Feels

(Images via: Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr)

Hey Loves,

Here are this month's travel looks!! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, although it doesn't really come around here in SoCal :( 
For October, I got inspired by beautiful fall foliage cities in the US. There are sooo many states I have yet to visit to experience a fall foliage view for myself, in particular...New England states!  I get so excited when pumpkin-flavored everything comes around, along with wearing boots, scarves, and cozy knits. Which one was your fave look? 
Some of my favorite things to do are also in October like going to pumpkin patches, pumpkin carvings,  apple-picking, and of course....Halloween!! What are your favorite fun October activities? 


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