Saturday, August 30, 2014

FYF Day 2

^^ Les Sins Awesome DJ set ^^

Thanks for the fun photo booth pics AIRBNB ^^

Best time with these lovelies! :)

Thanks to CURB for the photo shoot sesh :) ^^

TANLINES making the crowd dance ! ^^

BLOOD ORANGE! Chill vibes! ^^

HAIM.. these sistas killed it on stage, love their energy! ^^

                                           And the main headliners.......THE STROKES!! ^^

(Pics taken with phone and camera)

Hey guys!
Here are the last set of pics of FYF's second day! Most of my fave artists/bands played on this day including: 
Les Sins, Tanlines, Blood Orange, HAIM, and the legendary: The Strokes! Honestly, they all were phenomenal! There's no better feeling than just being at a music fest and singing/dancing along to all their songs! The vibes, and the crowd singing along with you and the band....gotta love it! I'm just so glad I finally got to see The Strokes though, they brought back so many great memories ;)
Thanks for an AMAZING weekend FYF, see ya next year again! :D



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FYF Day 1

Yay we made it!  

Cousins :)

Angel Olsen^

^My cousin, Bianca lovin' her new fresh flower crown! ^
FYF's 11th Anniversary ! 

DJ at the craft tent ^

Little them!! ^^

Finally got to see Interpol! AMAZING show! :) ^^


(Pictures taken by me via phone and camera)

Hey guys!
Finally, here are the pics of our first day at FYF music fest!! It's my second year attending FYF and I have to say I loooved it again! Regardless of the new huge venue (Exposition Park) in LA, and the looong lines it was still fun!  
First of all let's start with the amazing line up this year. The first day we got to see: Angel Olsen, Little Dragon, Interpol, and Grimes! Interpol was one of the headliners and one of the bands I've loved since high school. They definitely put on a great show and brought back so many great memories! This day also consisted mostly of getting lost, buying fresh flower crowns, making arts and crafts at the craft tent (loved it!), eating French/Canadian yummy fries, dancing, and singing at the top of our lungs of course ;)  Did any of you guys go?

PS- FYF day 2 pictures coming soon, stay tuned! 


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