Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Old Towne Orange

♫ The Shacks- Follow Me ♫ 

H&M jacket
Uniqlo pants
Hey Moon Designs necklace 
Poshmark bag
Sister LB sunnies
Zara boots

Love this store in Old Towne: Matoska Trading Company

A la Minute nitrogen ice cream

Espresso chip and chocolate chip *drool*

Gotta love Old Towne Orange, I never get tired of exploring this quaint little area in OC. I love the antique stores, the cafes, and the overall environment. It just has a nice small town feel with relaxing vibes and friendly locals. 
One of my favorite nitrogen ice cream shops is located there too! A la Minute, it's always worth going to, can't get enough of the espresso chip flavor and chocolate lavender. It's a must-try spot! 
Have you guys been?

Hope you guys had a great weekend!




Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Spring Dreamin'

♫ World Champion- Avocado Moon ♫ 

Simple Weekends

Weekend Space

Chill Tuesdays in Venice

Beachy Fridays


Hump Day

Casual Cool/Busy Days

Casual Cool/Busy Days by stephc featuring a casual outfit

My ideal spring looks consist of easy comfortable ensembles like these, sort of a lazy chic look haha. I've been so busy these past days and all I've been into are versatile comfortable pieces, I tend to go for staple pieces that can be mix and matched with other pieces in my wardrobe. Muted and monochromatic colors are what I'm all about, maybe once actual spring comes around I'll start incorporating more color in my wardrobe :P. I'm also a huge fan of wide leg pants lately, they're just the comfiest! Although the weather has been bipolar here in SoCal I still can't wait for spring, I'm loving the random drizzly rain we've gotten and hoping for more rain for a "super bloom" this spring!

Which was your fave look?

It's almost Friday, hang in there :)



Monday, February 19, 2018

February Lately

♫ TOPS- Petals ♫ 

Anneise jumpsuit
Sister LB sunnies
Soludos espadrilles

Checking out the new Morning Lavender Cafe in Tustin, it definitely gives you all those spring feels! Their rose milk tea was delish, can't wait to go back and try the rest of their drinks! Super cute and instagrammable too ;) 

Mellow vibes for the weekend.

Enchanted Coffee Bar- hands down my fave Spanish's a MUST try!

Galentine's day and homemade waffles..yummers! 

Hope you guys have a nice week!



Sunday, February 18, 2018

Daydreaming in Nature

♫ The Shacks- Left it With the Moon ♫ 

These past weekends I've been taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather and heading to the arboretum in Fullerton. Love getting lost in nature there and just taking casual strolls with fam and friends. The relaxing vibes and soft jasmine citrus scent in the air of the blooming flowers made it all that worth it! Besides the beach I love unwinding there too, can't get enough! 

How did you unwind this weekend?



Tuesday, February 13, 2018

All About Basics & Lavender Lattes

♫ L√ČON - Surround Me ♫ 

Cotton tee
Joe's Jeans cropped flare pants
Old Navy tote
Superga sneakers
Sister LB sunnies

With my busy schedule lately all I want to wear are quick/versatile and comfortable pieces, these Joe Jean's cropped flare pants are my favorite lately, they're super comfortable and go with literally everything in my closet. I must say they're quickly becoming my favorite staple since they can easily be dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with cute heels or ankle boots!

I also recently tried out this cute coffee shop in La Mirada called Enchanted Coffee Bar,  I didn't expect much of it but when I saw their different latte flavors, especially lavender I was all about it. (I have an obsession with anything lavender lately lol). I'm somewhat picky when it comes to lavender lattes because either they're too strong or drowned in lavender syrup making them too sweet but this one had the perfect subtle lavender flavor.... it was just right. It's also a great place for studying or getting work done since they're open so late, I definitely suggest checking it out if you're around that area!

Hope you guys enjoying your Vday I will be celebrating Galentine's Day with my girls this Thursday and Friday can't wait to catch up with them, I've missed them so!



Sunday, February 11, 2018

LBC to Sunset Blvd.

♫ Donna Blue- Sunset Blvd ♫ 

LBC workout sesh

February in LBC. 


Target Cardi + tee
Make Collectives scarf
Lou & Grey jeans
Isabel Marant boots
Poshmark bag

Everyday reminders. 

Cruisin' down Sunset Blvd. 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
Mine consisted of beach work-outs and spontaneous days in LA, it had been such a long time since I was in Hwood and it felt nice to go back to my old stompin' grounds around Space 15 Twenty and Amoeba Records....good times for sure! :)

Happy week!
Any fun Valentine or Galentine Day plans for you guys?



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