Monday, July 31, 2017

Paris Photo Diary 6 (Last bits of Paris )

♫  Peter Peter- Little Shangri-La ♫ 

*Picture Overload*

Hey guys!

I know major picture overload!!
 But these are pretty much the last set of pictures of my stay in Paris!
I was there for two weeks for a fashion program and I have to say it has been the highlight of my summer so far!
I met so many cool people, got to visit so many great places, and learned so much about the fashion industry out there!
It was definitely a trip for the books, there really is no place like Paris!
It felt so great being back in Paris because I got to explore so much more and practice my French lol.
             I'm already missing this beautiful city but I'm definitely hoping to be back soon again!

After Paris, I stayed an extra nine days exploring around France because... why not!?
I met up with some friends but was mostly traveling solo. I got a chance to explore other cities in France like Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, a bit of Marseille, and Nice! 
I didn't really plan any of it since I was just booking everything last minute as I went, but this made it  much more fun!
So glad I finally got to see more of France other than Paris and I finally got to cross off those cities off my bucket list!

Stay tuned for the next set of pictures ;)

More delicious carbs! 
I swear I have never eaten so many carbs like I did in France!

Visiting the Veja studio and showroom!
It was pretty cool learning about this sustainable line of sneakers :)

Ecole Lesage and beautiful embroideries

Ecole Lesage embroidery workshop

Believe it or not it took me about two hours to finish bejeweling and stitching this small sample was more time-consuming than I thought! 
Imagine how long it would take to embroider and stitch a whole dress?

Final results!

Probably one of my favorite concept stores I visited in Paris!
They had everything from home decor, music, stationery sets, clothes, a cafe, etc..

All about their linen bed sheet collection!

Super cute bralettes

Merci Cafe

Montmartre street art

Craving burgers, fries, and mojitos with my roommate on one of our last days in Paris!

Visiting the Zyga HQ and showroom, loved all the linen summer collection!

Back in Rue Cremieux...couldn't get enough!

The Broken Arm Concept Store 

Getting lost in Montmartre

Centre Pompidou

Learning about a Romanian artist's stunning sculptures and art. 

Good times in Paris with these ladies!

Montmartre streets

Summer in Paris 

Lunch and red wine 

 Parisian balconies

"Because Life's a Trip"

Gare de Lyon Train Station 

Waiting for my train to Lyon....

Last Parisian Sunset.


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