Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last January Days

6am sunrise on my way to work, I guess waking up early has its advantages!

Trying to squeeze in some coffee and reading time...success!

Bipolar SoCal weather...although I do enjoy rainy days :)

Vietnamese food yummyness^^

Flash tats

Trying out Layer Cake Bakery & Cafe in Fullerton, love the decor of this place!

Coffee and Rose flavored them!

Hey guys!
I know I've been such a bad blogger... but hey at least I got to snap a couple pics of these past couple of days. It's been a pretty chill/busy week but I'm off tomorrow..hello three day weekend! :)
Talking about the weekend, this Saturday is LA's free museum event so I'm def hoping to attend a couple museums, and check out some new art exhibits. I'll make sure to take some pics, so stay tuned. 

Have a great day!



Friday, January 23, 2015

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

Elmer ^^

Flash Tat ^^

I probably should've warned you guys about the picture overload...ooops hehe!

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch has been on my bucket list since last year, and I finally made the road trip out to Oro Grande. I love discovering hidden random gems in the middle of nowhere... and let me tell ya this place is literally on Route 66 in the middle of nowhere. 

These pictures don't do its justice of how rad this place is...I mean c'mon it's a unique work of art from recycled glass bottles and random trinkets. It's pretty neat how the sun creates the glistening of the bottles forming a cool kaleidoscope of colors.  Who thinks of creating something like this??.... That's where Elmer comes in the picture, he's the creator of this masterpiece. You can see him in one of the pics above with a white beard ^^. He was a very friendly guy chatting up with visitors, and welcoming everyone into his bottle ranch.
I'm definitely hoping to come back soon someday, literally in awe of his work! 

After the bottle tree ranch we stopped by another deserted town with a pretty cute diner called "Emma Jean's". I mean... you cannot take a road trip on Route 66 and not eat a diner right?  Yessss junk food and milk shakes...holy yummyness!! Everything tasted so authentic too and we were lucky to have eaten at one of the oldest diners around (est. 1947). Fun, fun I live for random adventures like these.

Happy weekend guys! 


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