Sunday, January 26, 2020

January Lately

♫ Tall Heights- Over Now ♫ 

Started the year in Venice Beach :)

Here's a random photo diary of this month so far! 
It's been a pretty busy month with work and all but I try to squeeze in some fun and unwind time during my free days:

Only in Venice :P

Hi :)

Visiting the Everlane store again, love it!

Acai bowls with good company :)

Wearing: Suunday dress, Gigi Pip hat, vintage boots

Good times with my friend Jackie!

Venice daze with Jackie

January sunrise

Commute to work :/ but at least the view makes up for it!


Homemade dirty chai with cinnamon :)

Love it when my nephew surprises me with flowers!

Visiting my sister during lunch :)


More beautiful January morning views!

Saturday Markets at Row DTLA!

Still Life Ceramics Studio

Stay tuned for more pictures :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! I visited a dumpling art exhibit, which was super random and fun! I'll share those pictures next!




Sunday, January 12, 2020

Hello January

♫ Haim- Now I'm In It ♫ 

Wearing: Target shirt, Everlane pants, vintage boots and bag 

Dried flower shop

2nd home- Fingerprints record store in LBC 

Good times with my nephew :)

Found my Kurt Vile record :)

Ground Hideout Coffee, looove their seasonal lattes!

Got a cute little number from Christy Dawn, one of my fave sustainable brands! Will post pictures of the dress sometime soon :)

Downtown LB art

Prism Boutique

Winter beach daze

Seaglass wine collab 

January sunsets

Late pic from New Year's Eve celebrated in downtown Long Beach!

Here are a few random snaps from this year so far! It's been off to a good start I would say :)

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!




Sunday, January 5, 2020

MODS Museum

♫ Mr Twin Sister- Sensitive ♫ 

Started off the year at this pretty rad light museum in LA, I had bought tickets for MODS Museum last January and for some reason never had a chance to go haha, but I'm so glad I finally got to check it out! :)

Definitely a MUST visit! For sure felt like I was in a dream :)
These pictures don't do it justice.

Have you guys been yet?

Happy new year guys!

I always feel a bit melancholy and nostalgic at the beginning of every year...maybe because I'll miss all the old memories left behind, but I'm also looking forward to all the new memories that will be made this year! 
Not sure what's in store for me yet but I'm excited, especially for new adventures! :)



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