Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seattle Trip: Around Capitol Hill & Downtown

(Images taken by me)

Hey guys!

Here are the last set of pictures from my Seattle trip, these were taken all over the downtown including the AMAZING Seattle Public Library, which is that modern rad glass building ^^ which was probably the coolest library I've seen so far! These pics were also taken at the top of the Smith Tower, Bellevue, Capitol Hill, Bauhaus Cafe, Pioneer Square (Blue trees!!), Pike Place Market, and the Union Station. 
Overall, I LOVED rainy Seattle, it's so different from LA the vibe, the weather, the people, the style, the coffee lol, but I'm hoping to come back soon and discover more, perhaps go hiking at Mt. Rainier :P there's still so much to see!! Anyways hope you guys enjoyed my pics, I will post some from Oregon soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Labor day weekend!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seattle Trip: Kerry Park

(Wearing: F21 blazer & shorts, ZARA flats, DIY scarf)

If you're ever in Seattle, Kerry Park is a definite MUST!
It's a pretty small park with an AMAZING view of Seattle's skyline, the rain surprised us once we got up there but nonetheless I still got a few shots of the city peeking through the drizzly rain and fog.

Hope you guys are still enjoying your last days of summer or your back to school week!


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