Monday, August 19, 2013

Seattle Trip: Gum Wall

^^My gum is the light green one and my sis is the pink one they're next to each other lol ^^

(Wearing: F21 blazer, H&M jeans and shades, Converse chucks , World Market scarf)

Hey Guys!

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I have a good reason for that! 
I decided to take a random trip (end of summer trip) up north to Seattle and Portland with my sister, we were first timers going to both cities so it was very exciting for us!

First stop was Seattle we flew out there, and when we arrived I could totally sense the different vibe and environment there, it was soooo green, and I immediately breathed in the fresh air, the scenery was great I loved the pine trees everywhere!!

The first place we had to check out was the artsy yet disgusting gum wall, it was something I've never seen before (except on Pinterest lol) but I loved it my sister and I even left our gum on a random window lol. It's crazy how many pieces of gum are stuck on that wall, literally covered every inch of it, but it's definitely something to check out when visiting Seattle.

Anyways there are more pictures on the way so stay tuned! :)




Lisa TCA said...

Uaaargh, Disgusting!!!! O.o

Check out my lates Blogpost about the CLA 200 :-)

Rakel said...

omg!! so original! :)

Follow each other?

Arden said...

It's amazingly gross and disgustingly cool. Hehe. xx

Cylia said...

waow the gum wall looks so different! I guess it's art :)

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