Saturday, July 30, 2016

Living in Linen

Ice Cream Days

If I could choose to wear any fabric all summer long it would definitely be linen or organic cotton, But lately I've been leaning more towards linen, it's just so fresh and breathable for those perfect warm summer days! I always love a good linen dress, shirt, or shorts! I'm constantly inspired by summer wear and natural fresh fabrics, so I put together a few summer outfits on my Polyvore with linen/cotton blend fabrics. It's so hard to choose one favorite outfit... but I would most definitely wear them all :)
What do you guys think of the looks, any favorites?

Happy Weekend!



Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pow Wow Street Art

♫ We Were Evergreen- Be Like You ♫ 

(Wearing: LC crochet top, ZARA culottes, Madewell sandals)

As you guys know I love playing tourist in my hometown, there's nothing better than exploring new places and new art work in the neighborhood. This time around  Pow Wow art murals are completed in Long Beach and I couldn't help but go for a stroll in the East Arts Village to hunt out these art masterpieces! Pow Wow is a week long art event that started in Hawaii and has expanded into a global network, including in Long Beach. 'Pow' stands for the impact the art has on the viewer and 'Wow' stands for the reaction the art has on the viewer. Pow Wow is also a Native American term describing a celebration of  music, art, and culture. Every year artists from all over the world get together to create beautiful artwork all over cities throughout the nation in the most random places including:  parks, businesses, the side of apartment buildings, and even underneath bridges! I've only seen a couple around LBC but I'm hoping to seek the rest throughout the summer!

The three art murals above are by:

1. Cinta Vidal- "Backstage"

Too bad I didn't get the name for the last two art murals :/



Monday, July 25, 2016

Under the Sea

♫ Best Coast- Summer Mood ♫

Last week my family and I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, it felt pretty cool coming back since they have many new exhibits! I've always loved the aquarium since I'm really into marine biology and the ocean...can you guys believe my first job right out of high school was there haha... I was the girl with the huge camera around my neck standing in the entrance taking pictures of all the school groups and families. This job had its bittersweet moments for sure so it felt kinda weird going back :) This time around we went with my little nephew, Lukas, he was very alert the whole time and actually enjoyed his experience there. He loooved the jelly fish, sea lions, and the little penguin posed next to him in the pictures above. I've always been a fan of the jelly fish exhibit they're so beautiful and dreamy, and the sea lion exhibit too they're just so much fun and full of energy! :) T'was a great day with the family, have you guys ever been to the AOP?

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 
More pictures coming your way.

PS- I hope you guys like the new blog layout as much as I do, I'm still getting used to it, but it was time for a change :)



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Irresistible Me: Diamond Flat Iron

Hey Loves!

I recently found out about this brand: Irresistible Me. This company sells hair extensions,  hair tools, and many other hair accessories. When Irresistible Me reached out to me to try their Diamond flat iron, I could not pass it up. I know I rarely talk about beauty or hair on my blog but I really wanted to give it a try and experiment with a new flat iron and straight hair! I usually don't do anything to my hair as you guys have noticed, once in a while I style it in beachy loose waves but that's about it because I like to keep my hair au naturel. My hair already has a natural wave to it so I decided to straighten my hair for a change and a sleeker look!

Check out these before and after pictures of the results:



Overall, I'm very satisfied with this flat iron, it left my hair feeling so soft and silky... plus it left my hair nice and straight all day! This hair straightener is high-tech because the diamond and tourmaline technology protects the hair all while keeping the natural hair oils, moisture, and hair color. The diamond flat iron also includes many great features like: intelligent heat display, a 360 swivel mobile cord, the fact that it's lightweight, and many more features!

I totally recommend this product if you're looking for a great quick and easy-to-use flat iron! If you would like to find out more about Irresistible Me and their professional flat irons check them out along with their Diamond Flat Iron here.



Monday, July 18, 2016

Long Beach Local

♫ Kali Uchis- Know What I Want ♫

Breakfast with friends at LBC's new gem: Linden Public 

 Mexican mocha latte from Linden Public

One of my favorite home goods/clothing store in LBC: Make Collectives 

Love the interior decor

Vinyl and shades

LOVE these plant ceramics and LB mugs! 

SBUX with the girls. I got the iced green tea latte with coconut refreshing!

Feelin' shady under palms

Vintage neclace and my new "Golden State" necklace from Anneise, one of my fave boutiques in LBC! I love how dainty and cute this necklace is :)

Summer details

Down by the Marina

(Wearing: Old Navy cotton dress, Madewell sandals, vintage bag and scarf)

LB hangs with my sis, nephew, and our friend Dee!


Shoreline Village

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend!
I literally spent my whole weekend hanging out in the best city ever!..... LBC of course ;) I loved catching up with my friends and playing tourist in my city by the beach. The weather was perfection while strolling around, basking in the sun, and eating ice cream! It was the best way to spend the weekend on a random July day. What's your favorite way to spend those summer days in your city?


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