Sunday, July 3, 2016

Drawing Inspiration

♫ Lucius- Until We Get There ♫

Pretty bikes lined along DTLB

Love running into this artwork of Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors) in East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach!

Watercolor skies

Snapped this of my little nephew Lukas flirting away haha love this shot!

Lukas eyeing my sea salt jasmine tea :)

One of my fave vintage buildings in downtown Long Beach!

Palm trees at East Village Arts District

This carpet is everything!

Yoga time!

Morning strolls with this view= priceless!

Golden hour shadows

Golden hour portrait

Evening lighting

Tile Lovin!

Lord Windsor's yummy iced almond latte! It truly was as delicious as it looks :)

Perfect summer days! Follow me on snapchat: steo16

Finding inspo in cafes

Major inspo here, love this place!

LBC sunsets

Lately I've been finding inspiration everywhere especially in my hometown, Long Beach, and of course I love sharing all these pictures with you guys. 
 Anything from street art, music, palm trees, lights, the beach, tiles, plants, coffee, architecture, sunsets, books, photography, and everyday life inspires me in so many ways. 
What inspires you lately?

Yayyyy 4th of July is tomorrow, BBQ and fireworks time, stay tuned for pics!

Hope you all have a fun time :)



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Jessica said...

Such nice pictures! Great post x

Jessica — WS Community

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