Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pow Wow Street Art

♫ We Were Evergreen- Be Like You ♫ 

(Wearing: LC crochet top, ZARA culottes, Madewell sandals)

As you guys know I love playing tourist in my hometown, there's nothing better than exploring new places and new art work in the neighborhood. This time around  Pow Wow art murals are completed in Long Beach and I couldn't help but go for a stroll in the East Arts Village to hunt out these art masterpieces! Pow Wow is a week long art event that started in Hawaii and has expanded into a global network, including in Long Beach. 'Pow' stands for the impact the art has on the viewer and 'Wow' stands for the reaction the art has on the viewer. Pow Wow is also a Native American term describing a celebration of  music, art, and culture. Every year artists from all over the world get together to create beautiful artwork all over cities throughout the nation in the most random places including:  parks, businesses, the side of apartment buildings, and even underneath bridges! I've only seen a couple around LBC but I'm hoping to seek the rest throughout the summer!

The three art murals above are by:

1. Cinta Vidal- "Backstage"

Too bad I didn't get the name for the last two art murals :/




Eloise Alice said...

Oh my goodness, that art is amazing! What a cool place to use as a background for outfit posts. Wish I had this in my hometown. The PowWow sounds absolutely amazing!


Dadie Bradshaw said...

Amazing outfit and place!

DadieB. ~

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AC said...

Love your skirt ! :)

Carolina Pinglo said...

cute outfit ! i love the shirt


Jenna Opsahl said...

These murals are amazing! I'm in LA and don't go to LB very often but you make it look worthwhile to brave the 405 haha. Gorgeous blog and style!


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