Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Go on A Road Trip!

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Hey guys!

 Summer is here which means more road trips and fun outings! This is one of the reasons why I love summer, my summer is not complete without taking road trips, they're just so much fun especially when you have a great music playlist!  Of course when you're taking a road trip you gotta be prepared with an amazing playlist for the road, which is why I created a road trip playlist of some of my current favorite songs, they're literally on repeat these days haha. I listen to a little bit of everything so I mixed it up with a bit of classic rock, indie wave, pop, reggae, dance, and all these other great songs which I'm still unsure of their genre lol. 

 When you're planning a road trip you also have to make sure you have a reliable car of course! Thanks to Turo you can now rent someone's car or list your own car for fellow road trippers at specific destinations. I love the idea of this car rental company, and another cool thing is people usually leave their music playlists or CD's behind for future car renters in case you forget your music or simply want to discover new tunes. If you're planning a road trip and are interested check out how Turo works here.

I'll leave you guys with these songs for now but this isn't even half of my playlist, I'll keep adding more songs as I go along. If you guys recommend any other great road trip songs please let me know, I always love discovering new music! :)





molly hogan said...

Awesome post!

Eloise Gallant said...

Always love these kind of posts, that playlist is so great!

SIA FOCH said...

Wonderful playlist!

-xx, Sia

Daniel Poon said...

Great post!

Daniel x
The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez
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