Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Broad

Love the unique architecture and design of The Broad! ^^

Jeff Koons

Andy Warhol

Edward Ruscha ^^

Takashi Murakami artwork and installations, love the intricate details and colors! ^

Infinity Mirrored Room LED light installation by Yayoi Kusama was my absolute favorite, so dreamy!

"America" light installation by Glenn Ligon ^

Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons ^^

Jean-Michel Basquiat, love his work and use of color ^^

Robert Therrien's "Under the Table" rendering. ^^ (Alice in Wonderland moment) :)

This past week I finally got a chance to check out LA's new contemporary art museum: The Broad. I was blown away by all the amazing art,  I had already seen some of the art work at other museums but this time I got a chance to discover new artists. My all time favorite art work was Yayoi Kusama's  Infinity Mirrored Room- The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. This installation was made up of mirrors and dozens of hanging LED lights, resembling a dream or galaxy! I had never seen anything like it, it was breathtakingly beautiful and memorable. I also enjoyed learning and discovering other artists like: Robert Therrien, Glenn Ligon, and Takashi Murakami to name a few. If you guys get a chance, make sure to reserve tickets to this museum, I know tickets are pretty much booked, but I think there may be a few tickets left around November and December start booking! Trust me this museum is worth visiting if you're in the LA area!

PS- Thanks to my friend Humberto, who works at The Broad, for his recommendations and expertise!




Kristina said...

Awesome photographies, I love art museums.
♡ Kristina

Carolyn said...

gorgeous photos! can't wait to visit

Anoushka Probyn said...

Wow the gallery looks amazing, it's got some great pieces! I went to the Kusama exhibition in London, the infinity room is so cool!

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