Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Soundtrack!

1. Anything by The Polyamorous Affair

2. Katy Perry- "Teenage Dream"

3. Lykke Li- " I'm good I'm gone (Fred Falke remix) "

4. Delorean- "Stay Close", "Deli"

5. Friendly Fires- "Kiss of Life", "Jump in the pool", "Photobooth", "Strobe"

6. Avi Buffalo- "What's in it for?"

7. Camera Obscura- "French Navy"

8. Passion Pit- "Little Secrets", "Swimming in the flood"

9. M.I.A.- "Jimmy", "Come around", "Bamboo Banga"

10. **Slightly Stoopid- "2am" ***

11. Animal Collective- "Summer Clothes"

12. B.O.B (ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore)- "Airplanes"

13. Paramore- "Playing God", "Decoy"

14. Anything by Kaskade

15. PamPamPam- "Californyeah"

16. Tegan and Sara- "On Directing", "Back in your head"

17. The XX- "Hot like fire"

18. Vampire Weekend- "Diplomat's son", "A-Punk", "Horchata"

19. Anything by the Black eyed peas

20. South- "Paint the silence"

so far....

My summer soundtrack for 2010! obviously there are more other songs, but these are my "most listened" songs of the summer! :) love them!
Back to school today, it was pretty good


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