Sunday, May 25, 2014

Huntington Gardens

(Wearing: H&M top, Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag, Target skirt, Necessary Clothing sandals)

Yesterday my sister and I drove up to The Huntington Library Gardens, which had been on my bucket list for a while, and I have to say it was sooo worth it! 
If you ever visit this place get ready to walk, it's a huge place/garden! But I didn't mind the walking I was just in awe of how stunning it was and the interesting museums. The gardens were definitely the most beautiful including: the cacti and succulents garden, Australian garden and my fave, the Japanese garden! The vibe and the atmosphere in the Japanese garden was pure bliss, it was so relaxing and for a sec I actually felt like I was in Japan :P 
Anyways I loved our sister day out, we ended the day with some yummy Thai food, movies, and mint chip ice cream! 
Gotta love our random adventures :)

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Happy Memorial Day !




Anastasija said...

wow, this is amazing, I wish I could visit!

sophia La Style said...

Amazing pictures.

Olivia Abdelmalek said...

Your outfit looks so good with the background colors!! Love the maxi skirt with the scarf, I'll have to try an outfit like this some day.

Olivia Abdelmalek

Mademoiselle Noree said...

Gorgeous place!!

GIVEAWAY on my blog said...

Wow.. Great pictures. Love the cactus pictures! Hope you had fun.


Olga said...

Amazing skirt and sandals!! Love the location too! Such a beautiful place

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