Friday, January 24, 2014

Ecuador II

Heading to El Teleferico

Random fact: Quito is one of the highest capital cities in the world, with an altitude of 9,350 ft high!! Talk about altitude sickness!... Thankfully I didn't feel much, just fatigue.

Taking in the view ^

Stunning view of Quito from the Teleferico gondolas !

(Wearing: Random knit, leggings and bag, Cotton On parka,  F21 booties, DIY scarf made by me)

Guápulo at night, loved the chill vibes there!

I LOVED this cafe lounge in Guápulo named: Palo Santo

Trying a Canelazo, which is pretty much spiked cinnamon tea ^

After the Plaza San Francisco, we wasted no time and drove up to the Teleferico, which is one of the best and highest spots to view the whole city of Quito. It's the spot to go if you're a first timer in Quito! I was speechless going up the cable rides, I couldn't believe I was actually there, I fell in love with the city instantly. It was truly a great experience being there with my sis, mom, and our Ecuadorian friend Carmen! 

After the Teleferico our good friend/ tour guide, Carmen, drove us to a bohemian/hipster/artsy district called Guápulo with the cutest cafes, bars, restaurants, and lounges. Since it was too dark I didn't take pictures of the streets, but they were pretty much cobble stone filled streets with cool graffiti art all over the walls and alleys. Guápulo stands on a steep hill with narrow streets and an AMAZING view of Quito as well. 
The particular cafe ^^ that stole our attention was called Palo Santo. Right when you walk in you feel the chill vibes all around with dim lights, incense burning candles, a fireplace, a huge glass-less window with a view of the city, comfy couches everywhere, pictures of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley hanging on the walls, and let's not start with the music....the best! From oldies, classic rock, and a few good Spanish bands I wished I shazammed lol. 
Anyways we finally got to try the popular Ecuadorian drink called, canelazo, which was yummy ;)
As you can see our first day in Ecuador did not disappoint, we did so much in one day!


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