Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nevada Trip: Las Vegas & Peggy Sue's Diner

The next day on the way home we had to stop at Peggy Sue's Diner:

Hey guys!

Here are the last set of pictures of my Nevada trip, I'm so late... sorry lol. I'm trying to keep up though :) Overall, this trip was so much fun with the family, the last stop on the way home was Peggy Sue's Diner. After countless times of going to Vegas this was actually my first time visiting this diner (in the middle of the California desert) and I gotta say I LOVED it. It was the pure definition of an all American authentic diner, unlike any I've ever seen! My sis and I were having way too much fun in the souvenir  shop and taking pictures of every corner...I mean c'mon this place is quite a gem! If you're ever on your way to or back from Vegas I recommend stopping here! You won't regret it ;)

PS- Stay tuned for Halloween pictures coming soon! Hope you guys had a great one!:D




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