Thursday, May 21, 2015

Louisiana: Honey Island Swamp Tour

Sis and I excited for the swamp tour!

First animal spotted was a racoon! SO cute! ^^

locals swimming in the swamp..I guess they're used to the alligators :O

A herd of wild pigs/boars swimming and cooling off in the swamp. 

Finally spotted some baby alligators!

Comfy looks for the tour
(I'm wearing: TJ Maxx straw hat, H&M jacket, Anneise rope necklace, Marc Jacobs vintage jeans, and Superga cotu grey sneakers)

 Eating Popeyes' fried chicken and biscuits in Louisiana - Another MUST:)

There is nothing better than taking a break from the city life and going on a little adventure out into  deep south. The next adventure on our itinerary was a swamp tour.  Believe it or not I was actually very excited about this! I really wanted to see an alligator and I finally did!... although they were only baby alligators but it's okay lol. These creatures were pretty amazing anndddd we also spotted a racoon, some wild birds, crayfish, snakes, turtles, and wild pigs. I totally recommend this tour if you're ever in Louisiana. It's fairly prized and the tour is about 2 hours so you are guaranteed to learn a lot and spot some wildlife. This day was definitely an unforgettable adventure!


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