Friday, August 21, 2015

Beach Road Trippin'

♫ Beat Connection- So Good 

1. Manhattan Beach 

2. Hermosa Beach

3. Redondo Beach

(Images taken with Nikon J3 and iPhone)

It's been a while since I visited a few of  the South Bay LA county beaches, so I decided to drive up to three of the state beaches I grew up going to during my childhood: Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. These beaches all border each other and are different in their own way.  Since summer is still here, I took advantage of my day off and drove up to these beaches starting with Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach is a popular tourist beach known for it's beautiful pier, surfing, shops, restaurants, and night life. It's also lively and the pier design is slightly reminiscent to that of Huntington Beach's in OC , but less crowded. 

 Hermosa Beach on the other hand,  has more of a mellow vibe and it's directly in between Manhattan and Redondo Beach.  It's also very well known for surfing but the pier and beach is much's still a very beautiful laid-back/ artsy beach community! 

Last but not least is Redondo Beach. Redondo is definitely a lively community with a pier filled with many shops, restaurants, and live music in the summer. It's very popular among tourists and many shows and movies have also been filmed there.  This pier has got to be my favorite though (aka waterfront), starting with the horseshoe shape pier design, it's very unique and different from any other Cali beach, which I love!  By the end of the day I ended up in Redondo Beach just in time to watch the sunset over ice cream. 

Gotta love those SoCal summers! ;)

Happy weekend loves!




Nadia Kandil said...

Great post! I love travel pictures :)

amber said...


My two little ones and I go to the beach just about every day in the summer. These beaches look amazing. I've never been to any beaches in California. I did spend some time living in San francisco, but never made it to the beach. Now I just wish I could be at the beach all day, every day, year round. I live in Maine, so that's not really realistic, but am thinking of moving to a warmer climate fairly soon. We'll see!

These pictures are beautiful :) I pinned some of them! Thanks for sharing. Lovely blog :) You must love living in California! Yay for days off!

Hyyperlic said...

Lovely Pictures ! :-)

I know it's Monday but ... you're awesome! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

Elizabeth Rose Hisle said...

Oh, I would be so sad for summer to be coming to a close if I had access to any of these beaches. I'm not really a fan of summer generally because I live in a very humid climate but sitting on the beach in SoCal eating ice cream as the sun goes down... that sounds like heaven.

Amber Magus said...

Yes Please..I will take trips any day to those beaches!!! We don't have to many choices where I live, I think I need to come vacay out there and spend a week traveling the beaches :P

x Amber

Francesca said...

I can never get enough of the beach!! love the photos

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