Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Dream Closet

(Images via: Tumblr and Pinterest)

I recently found out about Compass, a real estate platform that helps people find the perfect place based on their interests and personality. It made me wonder what my dream closet would look like with unlimited resources. I'm a huge fan of interior decor and architecture inspiration so I was all up for it!

I've always been a fan of Scandinavian interior decor. I love the minimal, open bright space, but I also like to incorporate some pop of color or patterned design to give it a more fun touch. I would love to incorporate a relaxed theme to my dream closet like candles, fragrance sticks, or hanging plants since it will also be a place where I can sit, relax, and contemplate what I will wear. Another thing I would add are raw wooden accents whether it's a clothing rod, chairs, organizers, hangers, steps, or a center table with fresh flowers and magazines. If I had to choose the wall colors I would go with a white wall or a beautiful world map wallpaper with subtle colors, like the picture above ^^

I love the idea of having an open and bright (natural lit) closet, natural lighting is a must for me. Which is why one of the main things I would love in my dream closet is a big window with a great view, either overlooking sky scrapers, the ocean, or any beautiful scenery to get inspired every morning when I get dressed. Music is another must for me, so there will definitely be an installed sound system playing my music from my iPod or record player to start off the day!

The find out more about Compass, you can check out their 'Neighborhood' link to find more inspiration on areas and apartments. 




Idalia Pina said...

great inspiration post!


Kathy McCarthy said...

Love your dream closet ideas. I love the idea of a window in it as well. Great post.


mode french said...

The inspiration is WOW WOW WOW...
FRENCH RIVIERA on my French blog ;) ;)

kadi lv said...

Great selection of pics ! These kind of closet are to die for !


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