Wednesday, February 17, 2016

La Tour- Victoria Beach

Abandoned Pirate Tower built in 1926. 

Last weekend I randomly found this hidden beach in Laguna Beach, it's funny though because it was actually a bit crowded. I realized there was a also a small wedding going on which explains that and of course a couple lovebirds beach strolling and catching the last bits of the sunset. La Tour is a mysterious abandoned tower tucked away between rocky cliffs and the ocean built in 1926 used for beach access. It was quite a mission trying to find it, I realized everyone was climbing over the rocks to the other side and of course that's where the best sunset view was too. After hiking from rock to rock and almost slipping on algae, I came upon the beautiful La Tour, still standing strong. It was definitely perfect timing being there during golden hour, pure bliss! I'm so glad it was low tide or else it would've been hard to cross over to the other side. However, the waves were pretty strong so we all had to try and snap some pictures before the high tide. After the unexpected beach hike and rock climbing it was all worth it, the view was majestic and of course you can't beat a SoCal sunset!




Sophie said...

Great Photos!

welovefur said...

What a beautiful pictures for a stunning background
I love your blog. I hope you will like mine

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