Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bridge to Nowhere Hike

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This past Sunday I ventured out to Azusa's San Gabriel mountains with my hiking group to hike out to the "Bridge to Nowhere"! This trail was on my bucket list for a while but out of all days we coincidentally went on what felt like the hottest day of the month!...(what happened to June gloom?!!)  That was probably the only thing everyone complained about, the weather went up to 90-something degrees! I love hiking and all but the weather was a bit too much for an 11 mile hike. 
The plus side was that there were all these streams we crossed with the most refreshing water to cool us off, we would stop for what seemed forever just to swim and  relax in the stream, it was pure bliss! ahaha
Overall the 11 mile hike took about 4 hours each way, so yeah it was pretty much an all day 8 hour hike, but by the end of the hike it was such a relief to reach the Bridge to Nowhere.
 There was even another stream with mini waterfalls at the bottom of the bridge to cool off in. Too bad we missed the bungee jumping crew,  which would've been fun to see!
If you've never been to the Bridge to Nowhere I actually recommend it, it's a long hike but it's a pretty flat and fairly easy trail. Just make sure not to go when it's 9000000 degrees out ...unless you don't mind :P
The surrounding views were great and getting in touch with nature and good company is always worth it.




Elena Holl said...

I love hiking!!! There is no better way to explore the nature! Awesome photos! :)

Lindsey Simon said...

Looks like a great nature trip!
Thanks for sharing!

Love, Lindsey

Elizabeth Rose Hisle said...

More hiking is definitely on my summer bucket list. It feels good to sweat it out in nature. Looks like you had a great time, lovely!

►Nadush said...

great post :)

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