Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vitality and Verve Exhibit in 3D

♫ Tiger Love- Space in Space ♫ 

I'm naturally an art junkie so you can imagine how excited I was to finally check out the Vitality and Verve 3D exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art  ....and it was definitely worth it! Besides just looking at boring old art paintings this exhibit lets you experience and immerse yourself in the art by entering different rooms and experiencing the art on another level. 3D sculptures and installations were seen and music was played in different room exhibits too. It was so hard to choose my favorite installation or art piece but I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful paper cranes hanging from the I guess those were definitely one of my faves along with the other exhibits. If you guys get a chance to stop by the LBMA I highly suggest you check out Vitality and Verve, here are the participating talented artists and the exhibit goes on until October 16th!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)




sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Such an awesome art exhibition, I would love to come to one, havent had for quiet sometime now... Great post dear...
IG @grace_njio

Alison Hutchinson said...

This looks like such an amazing exhibit! And such beautiful photos of it. I feel like I'm right there as well!

Xoxo Alison

Style MBA said...

what stunning pieces!

Gina Diaz (Artsy Runway) said...

That´s a great one!
Gina //

Jennita Lolita said...

I really wanted to go see this. Wonder if it's still there.

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