Sunday, February 5, 2017

"When I Wake Up" Book

When I Wake Up book available here

There's nothing better than spending quality time with my family, especially when I'm spending it with my 1 year old nephew, Lukas. He occasionally shows up in some of my posts,  he's just such a little bundle of joy!  One of my favorite things do when I babysit him is sing to him and read him books. 
When I found out about this book: When I Wake up by Ming and Joanna Liu I couldn't have been happier to read it to him, it's just the cutest bedtime story ever... plus it rhymes! The story is about a grumpy child who does not want to go bed until her curiosity and fun imagination take over. 

Lukas and I loved the illustrations they're just so cute and whimsical! It's the perfect book to read to kids especially after a long day to wind down and get them ready for bed. My sister (Lukas' mommy) couldn't be happier because it is also a new addition to Lukas' growing book collection. I definitely recommend this book and so do his parents!

Find the book here!




Caitlin said...

So cute!

Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

Jennita Lolita said...

Love Lukas' new book and I love him!!! Thanks for posting this!!! <3 greatest auntie ever. xoxox

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