Sunday, April 23, 2017


♫ Magic City Hippies- Fanfare ♫ 


Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack 
Crossroads Trading Co. blouse
Vintage Lee's denim shorts
Superga sneakers
 Tobi neck scarf
Anneise jewelry

Hey guys!

I can't believe how quick this weekend flew by!
I just edited last weekend's pictures from my Redondo Beach outing...I know so late! I've been so busy these last couple of days though... but I'm hanging in there :) I needed to wind down so naturally I drove to the beach, and what better place to relax than there.  It had been a while since I went to South Bay but it was nice to be back and soak in the sun, btw this is probably one of my favorite piers from any SoCal beach, love the design!

Lately we've been having a very summery spring so I opted for a comfy casual look. A flowy blouse, classic denim shorts, my fave sneakers, and this Rebecca Minkoff denim patched-up backpack. This backpack is just the cutest, it took me back to the late 90's and early 2000's with all the patches and washed out denim style. I remember I used to patch up my bags and backpacks back in high school so no doubt this backpack will be my new favorite! I love all the California inspired patches, the different compartments, the zippers, and how lightweight it is, plus it's so youthful and versatile! I can't wait to wear this backpack to music festivals, road trips, and other random travels. 

Thanks to Rebecca Minkoff and her team for this backpack love it!




Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day lovelies!

Although earth day should be celebrated everyday it's still great that there is a specific day dedicated to it. 
Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is something I strive to do every day, it may be hard sometimes but even the little things make a huge difference!

Here are some easy and small changes I try to do every day to live an eco friendly lifestyle and contribute to a healthier planet:

   Eating less meat- Believe it or not cutting back on meat makes a huge difference in the environment since more than 30 percent of the earth's surface is used to raise livestock and cutting back on meat reduces the overall emission of global warming potential (CO2) gases. I only eat meat maybe like three times a week but I'm working on cutting down and going for healthier alternatives. In the end you're contributing to a healthier you and healthier planet, so it's a win-win! :)

    Recycling- Whether it's plastic, paper, glass, cardboard boxes, etc. It seriously makes a difference.  Although it's hard sometimes not to take to-go plastic cups wherever, I've been trying  to sip my coffee or tea in an actual mug instead while enjoying the environment inside a cafe or restaurant. I also used to carry so many plastic water bottles around but now I opt for a glass water bottle and re-use it instead. The same goes with recycling plastic bags whenever going to the grocery store so I just bring my own bags when grocery shopping to avoid buying any bags. 

   Thrifting- Thrifting and recycling clothes/fabric makes a great difference instead of buying new fashion styles every season. Although it's tempting to check out and try every single new fashion trend (even for me!) believe it or not fast fashion also contributes to global warming. Fast fashion is the second most polluting business after oil, which is a huge impact on our environment. So cutting back on this is something I'm working on too. I've been recycling by taking old and new clothing, shoes, accessories, etc to  places like: Goodwill, Crossroads Trading Co. and Buffalo Exchange.

 Conserving Water- Having been in a drought-ridden state it's important to conserve and recycle water which makes a huge difference for our environment.  Anything from taking shorter showers,  washing less laundry loads, or using the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand since more water is wasted this way. 

Supporting local businesses and farmer markets- I love supporting my local farmer's market and buying organic locally grown produce and other handmade products.  Food in the U.S. travels approximately 1,500 miles to get to different grocery stores and it takes large amounts of natural resources for shipping which contributes to pollution. Industrial agriculture uses up more resources which pollutes water, land, and air than sustainable agriculture. Food and products from a farmer's market generally use less resources and are grown using methods that minimize pollution. 




Monday, April 17, 2017

Golden Hour by the Sea

♫ Trails and Ways- Happiness ♫


LC crochet top
Zara culottes
Madewell sandals
UO sunnies
Poshmark straw bag

Hey guys!

I swear all I did this weekend was hit up some beaches, since the weather was sooo nice, and I needed to unwind after a stressful week!
On Saturday we headed over to Redondo Beach in South Bay (post coming soon) and yesterday I had a bbq with my family and afterwards took a mini trip to Laguna Beach. This beach is one of my fave beaches in SoCal, as you can see from these pictures! ;)

We of course made a pit stop at Urth Caffe and walked around the boardwalk, later on we made our way to one of our fave "secret" spots in Laguna where you get the best view. We've been here a couple times but we somehow always get lost lol....however we eventually found the spot, like always haha. I love this beach town, it has some of the best hidden gems with the best views and this hiking trail/park is one of my favorites, especially around golden hour.
If you scroll a couple pics below my bro-in-law used his drone and he managed to snap some random pics of the group too.
What did you guys do this weekend?

Happy week lovelies!




Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Inspired Looks

♫ DOPE LEMON- Home Soon ♫

Palm Springs Paradise

Made in LA

3. Made in LA 

Flower Child Coachella Vibes

6. Flower Child Coachella Vibes 
Plant Shopping

7. Plant Shopping 

Music Festival Season

8. Music Festival Season 

Hey guys!

With Coachella literally around the corner along with other music festivals I created a couple of April-inspired outfits to share and hopefully inspire you guys.
 Unfortunately it's #Nochella for me this year, but I'm hoping to go to other music fests and shows this spring and summer. I'm really hoping to see Little Dragon next week in LA, love them have you guys heard their new songs yet?...sooo good!

Anyways, this spring I've been inspired by a bunch of fresh cotton, linen, and other breathable fabrics. I rarely use bright colors but I don't mind eye-catching blues, mint, and burnt orange hues for this season. I'm also really digging loose shift dresses, sets, denim shorts, straw hats, lace up sandals, espadrilles, and especially straw bags... I just can't get enough haha.
What are your favorite spring trends? Are you guys planning to attend any music fests this year?



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