Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jason Rhoades Art Exhibition

♫ De La Soul (Feat. Little Dragon)- Drawn ♫ 

Hey Guys!

Here are the set of pictures from this past Sunday's art exhibit in LA's Hauser & Wirth gallery. All I can say is WoW! I was speechless when I finally got to experience Jason Rhoades' art installation from 1994-2006. This was my first time checking out his work and all I can say is that I'm definitely a fan now. 

The first exhibit upon walking in the gallery was called "Tijuanatanjierchandelier" (2006), the room was decked out in strings attached to bright neon words, lanterns, chandeliers, mattresses laid out, blankets, and other random paraphernalia on the floor and hanging from the ceiling; it was just chaos turned into art and I of course loved it! The installation included 176 neon sign words both in Spanish and English, geez I can't imagine how long this must've taken to install... but I love how it all came together, it was so dreamy and fun! 
All the cultural random objects represented the homogeneity of modernization inspired by Tijuana, Mexico and Tangier, Morocco.  

There is definitely a sense of rebellion, humor, and somewhat raunchy-ness in his work but hey that's what makes it enjoyable to watch!

The next exhibit room was called:

"My Madinah. In pursuit of my ermitage..." (2004):

I loved this other installation, it was inspired by his travels in the Middle East. The room was also filled with neon signs and the floor was covered in a carpet of towels, which represented a place of religious seclusion based on the term: "My Madinah" which is part mosque and part temple. 

His work was just amazing and out of this world! Loved it. 

If you guys want to check out his work check it out at Hauser & Wirth, it's a MUST-see!




Monday, February 20, 2017

February Sweet Tooth

♫ Kurt Vile- In my Time ♫ 

First time at Cauldron Ice Cream I got the Sun, Moon, & Stars flavor which is a mix of jasmine, oolong and green tea in a puffle cone, it was amazingly delish and creamy! It was made just for me :)

February Lovin'

My sister and I goofing off at Target with these quirky wall decor animal heads, loved the llama lol :)

This cutie loving his car rides

Catching some cotton candy clouds

Refreshing Moscow mule from Lola's 

Valentine's Day consisted of homemade waffles and great company!

New coffee shop in the neighborhood: Solid Coffee Roasters, go check it! Loved their matcha!

Solid Coffee Roaster's Matcha

Stormy SoCal

Study Sesh at one of my fave spots on Retro Row in LBC: Portfolio Coffeehouse

I swear I've been obsessed with waffles this month hahah, these are soooo good from Waffle Love at Steel Craft. I recommend the Red Wonder waffle!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed your weekend, although it was a rainy weekend I finally got some down time and even checked out a pretty neat art installation in LA...more pictures coming your way!



Spring Style

Hey guys!
Spring is upon us and I couldn't be more excited! 

 I'm already on the hunt for spring favorites and inspiration. Lately I've been digging Kate Moss' style so I checked out StyleWe's blog to check out more of Kate Moss' street and red carpet style, after all she is Kate Moss: The Reigning Queen of Style

This spring I've been obsessing over anything dusty pink, muted pastel hues, linen, and other  lightweight fabrics. After browsing on StyleWe and JustFashionNow for new spring trends and styles I noticed crop tops are definitely still in, which I'm thinking of trying out. Just Fashion Now seems to have the perfect selection for crop tops for those perfect spring days! Spring break is also coming up and I'm hoping for warmer days to take a trip somewhere or just lounge at the beach, this means I have to start browsing through bathing suits and StyleWe has a cute collection with many different spring swimwear styles!

Are you guys looking forward to any spring trends?

Check out more styles here: Just Fashion Now Crop Tops




Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Noguchi Garden

       ♫ The Avalanches- Since I Left You ♫ 


Heavenly Couture knit dress
Cotton On straw hat
Steve Madden sunnies

Whenever I'm around the Costa Mesa area I love stopping by the Noguchi Garden, it's hidden and nestled between bank buildings but there is a certain tranquility that keeps me going back, I love how it's open to the public but it's never too overcrowded. Isamu Noguchi is the artist and I love his mix of art and nature throughout the sculptural garden, it is a perfect representation of a California Scenario and it is composed of six principal elements: "Forest Walk", "Land Use", "Desert Land", "Water Source", and "Energy Fountain". These principal elements are seen throughout the garden in their own design and landscape with a minimal touch. 
My favorite elements are definitely the "Desert Land" and the "Water Source".

Have you guys ever been? 



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