Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scarf Swap

(H&M sandals, UO bag, Sister's scarf ( I think it's vintage or from World Market) 

My sister and I are doing something every week where we swap scarves, we do this again each time and when Sunday comes around we choose a different scarf to wear for the week to work, school or wherever. You see I'm a BIG scarf collector. I have tons and so does my sis, so every time she comes over my place or I to hers we can't help but look over our scarf collection to borrow one for the week lol, we just can't help it. This week I decided to go through her closet and borrow this burgundy ethnic print scarf which I've borrowed quite a couple times, I'm in love with it! I've been wearing it this week with almost everything I own: maxi skirts, jeans, and shorts plus it's light and perfect for our bipolar Cali winter.

Oh and guess what....
Christmas is right around the corner! :D




stylewithoutstyle said...

Cute look! Love the scarf :)

http://devsnochaos.blogspot.fr/ said...

nice look , i had never wear long skirt but it suit you very well !

Anne-Hélène said...

I love the bag

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