Friday, December 6, 2013

Wine Tasting Adventures

Hey guys!

Yesterday my co-workers and I went wine tasting with our bosses, let's just say it felt like the coolest field trip ever! It was such a nice distraction to get away from work, and enjoy ourselves before the real craziness begins at work. Our bosses took us to two wineries in Laguna Canyon and Silverado. Silverado was probably my favorite winery, it was called Giracci Winery. This winery was out in the middle of nowhere, but it was so beautiful and relaxing with horse stables and nature all around us, it was very equestrian.  We got a tour of the place and we got to pet some of the horses in the stables. We ended the day having a nice lunch outside while breathing in the fresh air and crackin' jokes. It was a great time hanging out with these crazy peeps outside of work, we certainly had a great time!

PS- Sorry for the quality of some of the pics, they were taken with my phone hence the brightness and blurryness  :/

By the way TGIF!! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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