Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Sun Safety Week

Ashley Fox sunglasses

TJ Maxx straw hat

(H&M straw hat and Ashley Fox shades)

National Sun Safety Week is here!
With summer right around the corner it's very important to protect my skin during those intense summer UV rays. One of the most crucial factors of living in SoCal is protecting your skin by lathering sunscreen every single day...(yes even June gloom!) Growing up here, I remember I always had to put on sunscreen year round, especially in the summer time! My skin is very sensitive so my go to sunscreen is Aveeno's Suncreen SPF 50 (I also use SPF 15 and 30 depending on how long I'm out in the sun and the weather) I love Aveeno's sunscreen and products, plus it's gentle on my skin. Another way I protect my skin is by drinking fresh orange juice. It's healthy, yummy, and filled with tons of vitamins including: Vitamin D and Vitamin C. If you're also looking for different ways to get Vitamin D or other tips on how to protect your skin, check out Oscar Insurance's post here .

Besides sunscreen and Vitamin D one of my other favorite ways of protecting my face is by wearing hats. I love them, and I just can't get enough. You can never have too many hats living out here. Whether they're caps, fedoras, wide brim hats, or straw hats they're all perfect alternatives for protecting your face year round... and let's not forget a cute pair of shades too!
For more information on Oscar, make sure to check out their health insurance services in New York  and New Jersey. 



Eye See Euphoria said...

Great post and I love that you have included sunglasses. Thanks for sharing and check out the latest addition to the Eye Adore Series.

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Meghan Lorine said...

I love your sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I love this sunglasses and I love your blog
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Nina Tsarinina said...

Beautiful pictures!

mode french said...

Love this post, MERCI!

Bisous from France,
*-* Sand *-*

the style crusader said...

Love your summer essentials to stay safe in the sun. Seriously need to find a chic summer hat that I can wear to keep the sun off my face. I love the one you've shown here!


Lauren Dimesky said...

This is a great reminder for summer sunning tips, no matter where you are! I use SPF 50 at all times!! xo

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Cristina SF said...

Nice post! I sometimes forget to put sunscreen on...I should be more careful about it.

Camille Normandin said...

So jealous of you living in Socal! Cant wait to visit again!
xx Camille

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