Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ruchemas Happy Hour Holiday Party

♫ Paul Weston- Happy Holiday 

Christmas decor set up

DRINKO table

 DIY Christmas sweater lol 

The arts and crafts DIY ornament table

Good times with these peeps!

Olive and Pebbles joining the party!


Yesterday was our happy hour holiday / Christmas sweater party at work! 'Twas definitely a good time catching up and having a good time with everyone. We had a DIY arts and crafts table,  beer pong table, DRINKO game,  a bunch of other games, karaoke, more drinks, Christmas music, movies, and of course delicious food from Burnt Truck Catering. Nothing better than having a jolly time with these crazy kids!

 Can't wait to relax and spend time with the family these next couple of days, I'm also finally done with my Christmas shopping! Yay!
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and happy holidays!! :)

PS- More random Christmas inspo on my Tumblr ;)

Love you guys!



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Wenni Donna said...

Such a lovely party!! Seems like you all had great time. The venue is awesome along with decorations. Planning to throw a holiday party at one of Chicago event venues. Will invite my family and friends for the celebration. Want to make it amazing.

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