Sunday, January 10, 2016

Artsy Days & Coffee

♫ Honey Bones- Dragg ♫

Checking out Makai Coffee in LBC 

Trying out these coffee roasters next time from El Salvador and Costa Rica ...yummy!

Eyeing those red velvet crumb donuts!

Long Beach sunsets 

Acrylic painting sesh 

Hope you all are doing great! 
 I've been super busy lately but I managed to snap some pics from the weekend and this past Friday. I love checking out new cafes and I'm glad I found Makai Coffee in my hometown, Long Beach. This cafe has been around for a while but I finally got around to checking it out and it did not disappoint. I only tried their mocha and it was so smooth and yummy but I have to go back to try their food and pastries though, I totally recommend it if you're in the LBC area :) It was also nice to chase some sunsets by the beach we've been getting some of the most amazing sunsets ever especially after the rain! 
I also finally got a chance to do one of my pastime hobbies which is painting, I'm currently working on a landscape acrylic painting for my grandma from a picture I snapped in Palm Springs, let's hope it turns out well!

Happy Week!




Joy Shiness said...

Nice photos !

Ana Soares said...

Looks really cozy :3

Ana ♥ N/POST

Michèle Kruesi said...

damn. I wanna eat these donuts *_*

Emelia Paige said...

I can not hold myself for eating this delicious foods
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Monet Rhoden said...

Great photos! <3
Sending hearts from XOXO

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