Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Brass Lamp

The Brass Lamp is a fairly new spot in downtown Long Beach. It's pretty awesome because it sort of has a "speakeasy" vibe to it. It is hidden, dim, artsy, chill, and  it's never unpleasantly crowded.  When I first went back in December I have to admit I got pretty lost trying to find it on my google maps, when in fact I was standing right in front of the building it was located at, but there were no name or signs on the outside. It is located  downstairs  inside a jewelry building with different rooms and suites....random I know. What first brought my attention to The Brass Lamp was that it is pretty much a combination of a wine bar/cafe/bookstore/chocolate store. They have live music on Fridays and the weekends and it's even a perfect study spot. There are different decorated rooms with comfy couches for groups of friends and board games to play while catching up and sipping on wine and coffee.  I mean how much more awesome can that get?  The customer service is great and so is the food! I love their grilled cheese sandwich with tomato sauce and their chai tea! My friends got the flat bread and the spicy mocha, which apparently was delicious too. We also got free chocolate samples from Romeo Chocolates, a small up -and- coming chocolate company found in Long Beach, which are only available at The Brass Lamp. It has quickly become one of my favorite spots in the downtown LB area. 



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