Monday, January 4, 2016

Mount San Jacinto Peak

Waking up to this desert oasis sunrise!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on the way up to Mount Jacinto Peak!

Yay loved the snow!

Made it to the top! 10,000 feet up, refreshing hike and amazing desert view!

(Cotton On beanie, H&M coat, Zara bucket bag)

Visiting Mount Jacinto was another highlight of my 2015 trip and the cherry on top was the snow! We took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up, you literally go from desert oasis to winter wonderland in a matter of minutes! It had been a while since I actually saw snow and I loved it! The weather was pretty cold but after a couple miles of hiking up it felt nice and pleasant.  It was pretty hard hiking up without slipping a couple times and sliding off the trail here and there haha but we made it and the desert view was so worth it.  This was definitely an unforgettable end of 2015 road trip though and I can't wait for many more road trips and adventures to come!

Now back to reality and off to work, hope you all have a rad week!





Katie M said...

These photos are gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty when snow first falls!

Celia Meylán said...

So lovely pictures dear.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! Actually, AMAZING!!!

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