Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Snaps

♫ Jose Gonzalez- Let it Carry You ♫

Lazy Mornings, more on my Snapchat:  StephC_

Berlin Bistro's lunch and my fave Mexican chocolate mocha....obsessed!

Loving this tile floor from Tierra Mia Coffee House

Pho on a rainy day

Love my new boots, always a fan of this brand, thanks Minnetonka

My cute nephew, Lukas being all cute and stylish ..really digging those stripes!

Tierra Mia Coffee hang out sesh, so glad they finally opened a new location in LB!

San Bernardino mountains

This month has seriously caught me by surprise, it's just soaring by! Being so busy lately has caused me to lose track of time haha. Unfortunately, I'm also trying to fight off a cold or I think it's allergies...not really sure what it is ...but it's pretty annoying since it decided to hit me during a busy week :( 
Oh least the weekend is almost here, I'm just trying to hang in there! Plus I can't wait to see some of my best friends this Saturday! Yay!
Hope you all are doing great! 



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Adria said...

Gorgeous post! Theșe images are extremely inspirational!

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