Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Think Tank Gallery & DTLA Day

Always looking UP

Checking out DTLA's Think Tank Gallery. It is randomly located in the middle of Santee Alley.

Chandeliers and Cake

Break Bread cake exhibit


Floor-to-ceiling cake installation rooms, caketopia for sure!

Cake anyone?


My favorite room in this art dreamy and  pure amazingness!

ACNE studios

The infamous wings

Stopping by The ACE hotel

Cutest green tea boba drinks and pastries from Illy

Lookin' good LA!

Hey guys!

I got to check off Think Tank Gallery from my bucket list this year. This gallery is only running for a month, so I made sure to check it out before it's over. Think tank is a small gallery filled with the most unique and unusual art installations displayed throughout. "Break Bread" is the 30 day art installation, which consists of a room filled with  mirrors, floor-to-ceiling cake installations, and cake mazes installed and designed by Scott Hove and Baker's Son who have also worked with Zumanity's Cirque du Soleil. I was in "cake" heaven for sure! :)
 Pretty rad art gallery if you ask me, the only downside was that it was too small and there was no AC. However,  it was still a cool experience. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're around downtown LA, it is right in the heart of Santee Alley. 



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