Thursday, March 3, 2016

San Clemente Bound

♫ Slightly Stoopid- Mellow Mood ♫

This past weekend I got a chance to go back to one of my favorite beach towns aka:  San Clemente. I stopped by T-Street Beach to chillax and reminisce the good times spent in SC when I used to live in Oceanside. San Clemente is only a couple minutes away from San Diego county and the city I used to live at (Oceanside). I remember driving by this cute town and hanging out at the beach during those long lazy summer days. Good times for sure! This time however, I got to explore more of the 'downtown' area and I had to stop by "Bear Coast Coffee" , who are known for their delish coffee ( I got iced chai though lol) nonetheless it was yummy and it was such a quaint  laid-back kind of style for sure! If you guys are looking for an underrated beach without tourists and crowds, T-street is one of them! After all, LA beaches are too crowded and overrated so this is one of the few I recommend and of course the ones down South in San Diego. :)

Hope you're all doing great!




Adrika said...

Amazing photos !
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Kirsten Thyra said...

gorgeous photographs!

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