Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Feeling Swell in San Diego

♫ Max Frost- Withdrawal ♫

Oceanside Pier

So many great memories here, missing all the bonfires and swims at this beach!

One of my fave piers

Carlsbad bound

Carlsbad beach next to Oside, another of my fave hang out spots, missed it so much!

Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, love the architecture and museum

During spring break I drove out to San Diego, specifically two of my favorite beach towns: Oceanside and Carlsbad. Although I only lived in Oceanside for about three years going back and noticing how much this city has changed brought back so many great memories.  It is one of the most "chillest" places to live and I'm glad I get to call Oceanside home too! Living there gave me the opportunity to meet such great people, explore a bunch of different places around SD, and create such amazing memories! Love love San Diego can't wait to go back out there and show you guys some of my other go-to spots!




Mymy said...

Cool pics ! I love SD , the weather there is perfect ;)

Sophia said...

Wow, San Diego is so pretty! Great pictures, Xo Sophia from

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos!

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welovefur said...

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Anonymous said...

these photos are incredible!
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