Monday, April 4, 2016

Succulent Cafe

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If you are a succulent lover like me then this succulent cafe will be a dream come true! During spring break I randomly drove out to Oceanside, one of my hometowns in San Diego. It had been quite a while since I visited this lovely beach town and I was surprised how much Oceanside has grown, there are so many businesses now from: cute cafes, restaurants, shops, breweries, etc. Walking around I stumbled upon this Succulent Cafe right in front of the beach, of course I checked it out and tried out their iced chai tea latte, which was delicious! I LOVED the atmosphere in there and the fact that you could also buy any plants and succulents decorated along the walls and tables. I mean it was literally succulent paradise, the walls were decked out with the cutest random trinkets, paintings, along with a bunch of plants in all shapes and sizes.
If you're in the San Diego area make sure to stop by this cafe, it's worth the visit and perfect to lounge in!




Elle Cherryblossomstreet said...

Wow! I love all the plants!
xx Elle

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Emelia Paige said...

Amazing Cafe. I think this cafe is different from others for its amazing looks.
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kadi lv said...

Wow, the pictures are so amazing ! I really enjoy the design of some coffee shops they makes you want to stay forever inside.


Ashleigh said...

Oh my! This is succulent heaven! I want it all hehe.

Ashleigh x

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