Saturday, August 27, 2016

Old Town San Diego

(Wearing: H&M top, Zara culottes, Cotton On straw hat, Old Navy sandals)

Hey guys!
Last weekend consisted of driving down to San Diego and adventuring around. The first stop was Old Town San Diego! When I used to live in SD I loved going to Old Town to check out the beautiful old Spanish architecture, the tile shops, the events, and restaurants.  This time around I went back after like 2 years and fell in love with it all over again. I forgot how much this little town has to offer, everything from: delicious Mexican food,  snack stands that consist of churros and candied nuts, museums, tiles, artisan farmer's market, live music, and just about every instagram-worthy hidden corner. I swear every corner I ran into had to be snapped haha. Old town is very historic so you're bound to find cool museums with a bunch of interesting events that occurred in the 1800's in San Diego where California pretty much began! 

More SD pictures coming your way;)


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