Friday, October 7, 2016

Indian Garba

Last weekend our friend Devanshi invited my friends and I to an Indian Garba which was definitely something new for us but so much fun and worth it. Garba is a form of dance which originated in the state of Gujarati, India, where our friend Devanshi is from. This dance is very spiritual and traditional for Gujarati people most of the songs they dance along to revolve around the subjects of Lord Krishna and nine goddesses. The dance is performed in a circle as time in Hinduism is cyclical, and the dance is also performed with dandiya or sticks which represent the swords of a goddess called Durga. 
The traditional costumes consist of colorful Chaniya choli which is a three-piece dress however for this event of course the rest of the girls and I don't own any traditional Indian attire but our friend Dee worked her magic and lent us some of her beautiful Indian silk scarves, bangles, and bindis and quickly styled us up! I wouldn't have mind wearing a beautiful bright colorful attire, but when Dee pulled out this beautiful black and gold scarf I knew I had to wear it, it even complimented the jewelry I brought for the dance!  It was such a new thing for me since I've never been to an Indian event or seen such a high-energy dance like this one, it was so hard to keep up lol! However,  it was still a fun experience to watch and capture :)



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Jennita Lolita said...

Best time at Garba, so many memories! lol

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