Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rain or Shine

♫ Yellow Days- Intro ♫ 

Maple lavender latte from Rose Park Roasters with a pistachio rose vegan donut from!

Inretrospect's vintage cameras...literally one of my fave antique stores!

Girls day out ..and Lukas!

Winter in the LBC

Downtown LB skyline

Portfolio Coffeehouse....classic go-to-coffee shop!

Dripp's lavender matcha 

So frothy and smooth

Rainyyyy days

Gloomy Huntington Beach...before the rain

I have a thing for succulents and colorful walls

Dreamy sky after the rain...

Hello lovelies!

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, it's been a rainy couple days here in SoCal lately but I'm not complaining we were in dire need of rain especially since the drought. Can't wait for spring's lush greenery!

Here is a random compilation of the these last couple of days, it's still chilly here so that means coffee house after coffee house with friends and good company...we just can't get enough haha, plus you can never go wrong with coffee and good company or in my case sometimes...matcha. 

More pictures coming your way from yesterday's adventure in Newport Beach, stay tuned! :)



Carmelatte said...

Great pictures on your blog <3


Lindsey Simon said...

I'm digging these photos!

Love, Lindsey

Keri H said...

What a pleasant and lovely way to spend a day :)

Enclothed Cognition

Erin Elizabeth said...

This looks like such a great day! xx, Erin -

Tania Sarin said...

love this post! xx

Raquel said...

Loving the aesthetic of your pictures!!

Diana said...

Maple lavender latte did you say?? I'm only imagining how good that would be!! And That lavender matcha w/ the heart is too cute!!

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