Monday, January 9, 2017

Mosaic Paradise

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Getting artsy with my sister and nephew Lukas!

Cheri (mosaic home owner) showing us around her art studio

Auntie & nephew moment


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Hey guys!
I hope you guys' year started off on the right foot :)

I started off exploring around Venice Beach and of course I had to stop by the Mosaic Tile house ! This place was on my bucket list since last year but I finally got around to visiting.
I was so excited since you guys already know I'm a huge art junkie and random hidden art gems are just my fave. 

Cheri and Gonzalo are the owners and artists who have transformed their home into a mosaic/tile work of art! I swear these pictures don't do it justice, you just have to see every itty bitty detail in person. I was so amazed by all their creativity and hard work put into this house! It was great because we also got to meet the couple and they gave us a tour of their home which as you can see is also covered with tiles on the inside from top to bottom and we also got to check out their art studios! 
Their home is the only one that stands out on the block so you can't miss it haha... I love how they transformed their home into a work of art simply because they just felt like it.

I felt so inspired after leaving their home and it made me want to start painting, sketching, and making my collage art's been a while and I miss being in my own art state of mind so that's something I'm going to try to do more this year. 
I love starting the year with a fresh dose of inspiration and this mosaic house did the trick! :) 

Thanks to Cheri and Gonzalo for the tour. Check out their site here and make an appointment if you want to stop by...highly recommend checking it out!




Joel Moore said...

Love these photos!

Tania Sarin said...

love this post! xx

SIA FOCH said...

Love this post, so good!

-xx, Sia

Bonjour Chiara said...

That place is seriously impressive!!

Daeyz said...

Incredible photographs!


Tien Austin said...

So beautiful! I also love your writing that went along with this post, helping me keep inspired!

Tien Austin |

Jessica said...

Everything looks amazing! Beautiful pictures x

Jessica — NinetyCo 

Sinclair Mateus said...

so artistic.

Violette Daily said...

This is so nice and so artistic! Thanks for sharing!

Maria Jose Gomez Verdu said...

Wowww amazing place!!!

Anak Super said...

great shots

lot of smile,
Anak Super

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