Friday, April 13, 2018

Cal-Earth Institute

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Hey guys!

Last weekend I got to cross off another place from my bucket list:  Cal-Earth Institute in Hesperia. Cal-Earth is an institute and a nonprofit organization that focuses on architecture and earth art. They are committed to providing solutions on human needs for shelter through research and education. They also envision a world in which people can build sustainable and safe homes with their own hands and the earth under their feet. 
Cal-Earth was founded by Nader Khalili who was an architect and humanitarian, he believed that everyone deserves shelter as basic human right and that everyone should be allowed to build a house for themselves that are sustainable and readily available for them like earth.

It was so interesting to learn to learn how this institute got started and actually see these lovely adobe homes in person! The work that was put into designing these homes was well thought-out and impeccable. Everything from the design to the interior decor, there was even some adobe homes that had their own decor theme and they made you feel like you were inside an actual home (pictures below). 
The big adobe home was my favorite though, it even had two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, and rooms it was even decorated beautifully, loved the southwest interior vibe!

 Can I just move here!

The inside of this beautiful adobe home was so cozy and spacious, loved it!

Dining room goals.





Bonjour Chiara said...

My favourite photo is the one with the flowers in foreground!

Daniel Poon said...

Love your pictures! xo

Daniel x

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anoddgirl said...

what an interesting design concept
the homes look so unique and beautiful

Im Andrea said...

They way you have edited these photos is absolutely beautiful, I love it!


Celia Meylan said...

What a wonderful place xx

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