Friday, January 12, 2018

Scarfed Up

♫ Scotch Mist- Gone Bloom ♫ 

One of my favorite winter accessories are definitely scarves, I have to admit I have a huge collection :P from simple summery cotton scarves to huge chunky knit ones...I just can't help it, they give that final cozy layer and finish up any look. I love how there are many different ways to style and tie scarves too, maybe I'll make a separate post on different ways to tie scarves, in these pictures I just wrapped them up in the most basic laziest way since I was in a hurry lol. 
Layering up with oversized sweaters and scarfing up is my favorite way to stay cozy this winter, the comfier the better! :)

Ice cream in the winter is my favorite!
 This ice cream spot: Gobi serves rolled up ice cream in the cutest way!

Love running into random bookstores

Cozy woolen scarf from Ecuador, one of my fave souvenirs from my trip a few years back!




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