Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Valensole Lavender Fields Photo Diary

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Hey guys!

Continuing on with my trip to Provence, I mentioned in the last post that I booked a tour to the lavender fields in Valensole. This destination was on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and I'm soooo happy that I finally got to check it off my bucket list!!

Once I arrived there I couldn't believe I was actually there! The beautiful purple fields resembled a watercolor painting and the sunflowers made the landscape that much beautiful! It was just so dreamy  and captivating. The best part was the lavender aroma that filled the air when walking in between the fields, it was soooo soothing!

We spent a good amount of time visiting a couple different lavender farms throughout Valensole and we even stopped by a local lavender distillery farm/souvenir shop called Lavandes Angelvin and I bought some lavender sachets, lavender soap bars, and lavender oil. 

After the tour we also stopped by the L'Occitane factory which also had a museum and shop, I had to stock up on some organic lavender products there too haha.  

I definitely recommend visiting the lavender fields of Provence if you guys get a chance when in France, you won't regret it! It's just such a beautiful experience and sight! Make sure to go in the summertime because that's lavender season (June-August). You will love it especially if you're into nature and landscapes!  :)

Pictures from Nice coming up, so stay tuned for those!




Sunday, August 13, 2017

Aix-en-Provence Photo Diary

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 Golden hour after a loooong day of exploring!

Hey lovelies!

After Lyon it was time to go on my own and explore the South of France....although I was super duper tired I was also very excited since I was a first timer out in the South of France! I took the train down South to Aix-en-Provence, this small quaint city (which felt more like a town) is known for its beautiful lavender fields and countryside. Visiting the lavender fields has been on my bucket list for a while so I'm glad I booked the tour in advance! 
 I'm also glad I got to explore Provence's little "downtown" area filled with the cutest shops, bookstores, restaurants, and a bunch of outdoor markets!

Upon arriving the weather immediately reminded me of back home, dry and extra hot! Fruit stands and markets were seen almost everywhere outside and you bet I took advantage and bought some fruits, especially fresh organic peaches since they were in season....they were literally everywhere guys...and so delicious!

Overall I loved this small city it had a certain charm to it, the architecture, the summery golden light, the weather, and  the locals were super friendly and laid-back! And although I was under the weather for like a day or two I still had such an unforgettable time and enjoyed this beautiful city!

Have you guys been?

Cutest pups everywhere!

These summer tones tho

Linen jumpsuits and strappy sandals all summer long

Stocking up on peaches

Fell in love with this amazing bookstore located on Cours Mirabeau street!

Found it!! L'Occitane!
One of my fave natural skincare stores which originated in Provence!

Getting lost...no map...no plan :)

LOVED the outdoor markets!

More yummy fruit stands!

Straw bag heaven

Lavender soap paradise

Cours Mirabeau Promenade Street

Fontaine de la Rotonde 

Japanese for dinner with a solo traveler I met up with! 

French countryside

On our way to the lavender fields!

More pictures coming your way!

Stay tuned :)


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