Friday, March 24, 2017

Taste of DTLB

♫ Lizzy Mercier Descloux- No Golden Throat ♫ 


Heavenly Couture linen jacket
H&M leggings and tee
Old Navy black tote bag
Superga shoes

Taste of Downtown Long Beach is one of my favorite events in the city. It pretty much is a public event held around the downtown area, and this time it was held at one of my favorite spots in the city which is the East Village Arts District. This is my go-to hang out area where all my favorite cafes, restaurants, shops, and fave record store is.

 Taste of DTLB has gotten pretty popular over the years and I love how all the restaurants/cafes within the area set up booths outside and you can pretty much walk around and taste all the different food and drinks from these restaurants. It was great because this time other participating businesses set up booths too, so besides food they were also selling t-shirts, tote bags, chocolate, vintage accessories, and a little bit of everything it kinda felt like a farmer's market if you will.  It's great because although I haven't tried all the spots in the city this event gives people the opportunity to try a bit of everything from all the surrounding restaurants and local businesses in the neighborhood. 

View from Bluff Park

Yay for Spring!

At one of my fave record shops in LBC: Fingerprints, you guys may have already seen a bunch of pics from this place in my previous posts haha

Shoe twinsies with my sister, we love our Supergas!

Outside my favorite boutique in East Village: Anneise

Ended up buying this super cute gold circle hair barrette at Anneise, love it!

My sis got one too, she got the pearl shell barrette! 

Another of my fave concept stores next to Anneise: Make Collectives

One of my favorite buildings in East Village

Taste of DTLB in full effect!

Happy Friday loves!





Atsuna Matsui said...

These photos of Long Beach make it seem like such a nice place to visit! I've been to Long Beach several times before, but not their Downtown area. :) I'll definitely need to check it out


Elise Armitage said...

Your photos are sooo beautiful. I'm in love with the vintage feel of them!


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