Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Balboa Park

♫ Freedom Fry- Wild Child ♫ 

After living in San Diego for a couple years I would have to say that one of my favorite places in San Diego has got to be Balboa Park. This huge park is filled with beautiful gardens, a conservatory, and a variety of museums. It's no doubt that I love going there, especially in the spring time, the flowers were in full bloom and the weather was perfect! I also can't get enough of the Spanish mission style architecture of the museums I could just stare at all the intricate details especially Casa del Prado's. 

I'm glad we ended up going there on a Friday since it wasn't too crowded, so I highly recommend going on a week day instead! Unfortunately, I could not check out the art museums or the other historic ones since we wanted to do so many other things in San Diego, but I'm hoping to go back sometime this summer. Have you guys been before? 

More SD pictures coming your way! :)

Good times with my sis, Lukas, and Bianca :)




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vaishali verma said...

We dd a trip to San Diego but somehow missed this park cz of time constraint. Though heard a lot about it. And now seen it too. Beautiful.

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